Our Motorbike Travel Log.

Our Motorbike Travel Log.
BELOW SEA LEVEL - Death Valley, Ca 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011


What maps and/or travel books would you take?


  1. Got my Butler map for souther california. These are made for adventure bikers and have an amaizing amount of info. The down side is they only have a few states. Good news is they will be awesome when more are made. www.butlermaps.com

  2. Missed it somewhere here but which model Garmin do you have? You might have most of what you need right there. I pull the pages out of a trucker atlas and orient them up for south if I'm heading south and stack them in the tank bag map pocket. Between that and the gps there isn't much that doesn't come up. Maps are downloaded to separate chips for each state from gpsfiledepot.

  3. We are taking the Garmin Nuvi. I think you're right about the database, it should be plenty to get us to the trail head. I do plan to pre-load some trail heads and intersections manually before we go. The drag map function works pretty well. I like to use Google earth to make sure I got the right spot.
    Great idea cutting pages out of the atlas! I thought I'd have to leave it behind due to size but i think I'll take some pages.
    The SoCal butler map covers Santa cruz to the Mexican boarder east to the Arizona boarder all the way north to Bishop. Next time you're at the BMW shop ask if they have one you can check out.
    We also picket up a AAA spiral guide for Cali. They are small, open flat and have a ton of regular fun and helpful info in them.
    I think I'd be a poor adventure biker if I didn't know how to get there using a map so I choose not to lean on my GPS too much. What fun would the ride be if you didn't try and get lost a little.


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