Our Motorbike Travel Log.

Our Motorbike Travel Log.
BELOW SEA LEVEL - Death Valley, Ca 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 11 Salton Sea, Joshua Tree, Landers.

THANKS Sandy and David!
We had a great time and it was wonderful to see you both.
Fish on!    ><)))'>

 Sunny departure and about 70 degs..Ocean side east on Hwy 76 to S2.  Took a side road called East Grade road for fun. Lots of altitude and the views were awesome. Hooked a left on S22 towards Berrego Springs and the Salton Sea. North on Hwy 86 to Mecca and east to Joshua Tree's south gate.
 Busted the 1000 mile mark as we pulled into the park. Wendy is doing great and every day seems to hold suprise for us.
 Spring flowers everywhere.

 I wondered if Fred Flintstone and the gang still lived here. Amaizing rock formations.
We drove north throught the park on Cottonwood springs road - Pinto Basin road - and Quail springs road.
 Typical camp site.

Skull rock.

 The Joshua trees were green. 1st time I've been here and saw them green.

 Cooler weather but we did see some rock climbers in the area.
 Safe and sound in Landers.
 A sunset ride for the boys.

 "These are not the droids you're looking for"
 Easy with the fingers big guy! That's a 2...
 Sunset cruise.
 Panniers are looking good!

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