Our Motorbike Travel Log.

Our Motorbike Travel Log.
BELOW SEA LEVEL - Death Valley, Ca 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 6 - Unexpected Detour

 Really amazing weather here in Carmel and a great sunset. Pebble beach in the distance.

 We learned here that HWY 1 was closed about 12 miles south of Carmel and we were super disappointed. We decided to re-route through Carmel Valley Road to Hunter Liggett. There we would join Nacimiento Road where we would re-join HWY 1 and continue south.
 We thought this might just be a back road with not much to see...WRONG. What a pleasant surprise this was. This road was scenic, crucked, and tons of fun. We didn't feel at all like we'd missed out on a coast ride.
 After a couple hours we arrived in Hunter liggett where I'd been stationed during my Army days 20+ years ago. I was here when the San Fran 8.9 earth quake hit. Not a lot of change. We stopped for gas and visited the Hasienda, a place we stayed when Wendy would visit.
 Gas, Food, Lodging, movie theater, bowling alley all availible to the public. You will need ID, car reg, proof of insurance.
 Nacimiento Road! 24 miles of jaw dropping views and and thousand foot drops into the valleys below. My mom would "Love" this road.
 The east side of the mountain range is wooded and lots of water. After the summit the area gets very dry and wind blown from the ocean winds. Steep drops and super twisty!
 I kept looking for Laura Ingals to come bouncing through the woods with a fishing pole.
 A view point over looking the Pacific. I have a pic of me, John Haste and Mark Somers (Army friends) sitting in this spot. It was fun to see it again. Killer view!
We spotted a camp ground below on the water and decided we'd had enough for the day and stopped there for the night.
 Kirk Creek camp ground on HWY 1. We were told by an old salt this was the best there was on the entire Cali coast.
 Another meal with the Queen.

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  1. Beautiful pics. Mom says NOT on the windy drop off roads. Glad you are enjoying your trip.


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