Our Motorbike Travel Log.

Our Motorbike Travel Log.
BELOW SEA LEVEL - Death Valley, Ca 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 16 Beatty, NV back through Death Valley south to Ridgecrest, CA

 Last night we told you about the reservation problem in Furnace Creek. We drove another 45 miles to a town called Beatty, NV. Stayed at a small Motel and had a nice dinner at the local diner. We noticed a few groups of riders and cars that were forced to make the same trip late and I think we now out number the locals.  

Woke up early ready to back track on HWY 374 into Death Valley and join our route (HWY 190) near Stove Pipe Wells westbound. The road back into the park (374) was a mountain pass and last night it was about 40 deg at sunset. Ready for cold weather we headed out. As we gained altitude passing the 3000ft sign then the 4000ft sign we spotted a packe of bikers waving their hands like the wanted us to slow down, much like you would do if a cop was up ahead. About 5 minutes later 5000ft the snow started.

How many people get to be at the Death Valley sign when it's snowing?

 Sand Dunes just west of Stove Pipe wells.

 We took a short dirt ride up above the dunes to a hike through a small valley. This was her first crash and I also got it on video. Here's the after math. Scared up pannier but no injuries.
 If it were 125 degrees this road would look like the end of the world. You look left and right and nothing but salt flats.

 Lost Highway west of Death Valley headed south to Ridgecrest, Ca for the night. This road was called Trona Wildrose road.
 Detour off the detour out an old trail called Indian Ranch Road. 8 miles and it returned to the main Trona road. This was the most isolated stop we've been so far. Zero life and Zero cars, we were very very alone. Note there was no problem just stopping in the road for a photo. Riders know you talk and look out for each other when changing lanes and pulling out onto the road. The back rider will merge and let the front guy know when it's clear, or the first rider will pull out and call it clear for the others. This place required no such communication but we said it all day anyway just for fun.

"No mules...yer clear"

 Stopped for a drink and a look around for wild horses and mules.
 Someone used to live here.

Top of the last pass before we rode down into Trona. This place was strange. It was Sunday so you might expect less people out and about, but there was no one. houses, gas stations, stores, buisness', a salt mill. No people! Steven King must not live far from here. I wonder if they only come out at night?
Half hour later we rolled into Ridgecrest for the night.

Death Valley was a shocking and beautiful place. We were lucky enough to enjoy 2 days here and rode most of the roads paved and some dirt, sand, and gravel.
Take your time here! Bring water, food, maps, and most important

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