Our Motorbike Travel Log.

Our Motorbike Travel Log.
BELOW SEA LEVEL - Death Valley, Ca 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Final numbers and thoughts

The trip is sadly over and we are home safe. We had such a blast meeting all the wonderful people and seeing the "Other side" of California. Every turn was a post card.

We are sad to report we missed a couple stops. Pinks Hotdogs, South Rim Grand canyon, Tami and her family, and a group ride in Sac with Sean and his BMW buddies.

Total miles traveled was 4315. Bike miles = 2972.

Poll totals:
  1. Ed dropped his bike zero times, but did drop her bike once.
  2. Wendy dropped her bike twice.
  3. No movie stars, but a couple on the fringe.
  4. 104deg on I-405 near LAX was enough to get some tears out of anyone.
  5. No one ran out of gas.
  6. A little rub rash in a few areas but no major physical issues. "Alive" is pure magic!
  7. Zero flat tires
  8. Add on - Wendy's panniers tried to escape twice.
No one ever travels alone.

Thanks for the trailer! The weather through Oregon was nasty and would have been a ruff ride on the bikes.

Kathy and Jeff,
Thanks for the nice coffee stop in portland. We had a nice time and appreciate you both taking time out of your day.

Ken and Deb,
Thank you both so much for a great place to gather our thoughts before the official first day. Your hospilitality was greatly appreciated and we love you both very much. Also for issuing the "Amber Alert" when we went missing for a few days.

The Browns,
Had a wonderful visit. Thanks for letting us store the truck and trailer, the great dinner, and making us feel at home.

Faye and Vergil,
The safest place on earth! Thanks for allowing Wendy to take part in the open house at the Ladies shelter, Italian food, and the laundry machine.

Sandy and David,
Great time! So nice the way you always take care of Wendy's food needs. Hope you two are having an awesome fishing trip and we hope to catch you out and at some lake next time. Thank you both.

Great to see you up and around! The apple turn overs were the best ever and we enjoyed the coconut balls until the last day. Thank you for the visit, we Love you.

Aaron and the Boys,
Thanks for the fun night. Running, riding, and creating fun with those two was wonderful. I hope they are enjoying their fame on the net with the pix we posted. Great to see you and we hope Jeannie is feeling better.

So sorry we didn't make it. Thank you for being flexable and working with us to try and get there but we just didn't have what it took to make it happen.

Same to you bro! On a trip this long and with riders so new, there are things you just can't get done. We planned an ambitious trip and thought we did pretty well. bummer you were tail end charlie and got the shaft. Thanks a ton for getting your friedns involved too. I'd love to join in on a future ride so keep me posted.
         P.S. Hope your BMW trip went well and the TV thing was a safe weekend too.

The folks that we met along the way,
  • Rick - Meeting you confirms we can do anything and go anywhere, "ALONE".
  • Couple from the UK - Yes! we will "ring ahead" when we get that way.
  • F650GS lady at the market- Keep dream'n about that F800!
  • La Quinta Dudes - Thanks for watching the Mrs while I searched for her Pannier.
  • UK Grocery guy for the heads up on road closiers.
  • Hunter ligget gate guy - your directions were perfect!
  • Golden Gate Toll Lady - Thanks for the Laugh!
  • I-Fly Gang for an awesome time.
  • BCFlightline gang. What a hoot on that zipline!
  • Kevin - like school but fun, thanks. Please paint that bike!
  • Gas station guy for the housing offer when we were looking for the pannier.
  • Furnace Creek RV guy for the offer when we couldn't get a room.
  • Honda VFR Anthony - Thanks for the conversation at the deli. Here's to your future adventures.
  • The Hoyts for keeping me calm while Wendy was off on her own at night.
  • Countless hi's from fellow riders around the state.
  • All the folks that offered to take our picture.
  • Speciel thanks to all the road workers that made us laugh!
Thank you all too for following along.

The Blog was fun and forced me to take too many pix and too many movies. I will gather the clips and add them here as I finish them. The film will be mostly gopro helmet cam footage. The slide show will be full in a couple days for a look at most of the still photo's we took.
We will keep this blog on and add as we travel this summer.

That's all for now.

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