Our Motorbike Travel Log.

Our Motorbike Travel Log.
BELOW SEA LEVEL - Death Valley, Ca 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 12 Landers to Vegas

 Could not have been a nicer day to travel. maybe 60-65 and sunny. Long day to Vegas without many breaks. Stopped in Barstow for fuel and again in Baker for lunch and fuel. The ride was about 5 hours.

 Dry lake bed south of Baker

 Some Greek food for lunch and don't forget to check out the worlds largest thermometer.
 This place was the real thing.
Focus on the food...focus on the food. No shortage of places to hang yer hat.

 If you're looking for sights on the way to Nevada...you won't find much. Windy last 60 miles.
She has the speed position figured out. I think she even took short naps like that.

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