Our Motorbike Travel Log.

Our Motorbike Travel Log.
BELOW SEA LEVEL - Death Valley, Ca 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 9 - I draw "First Blood" Trip Total 1530 mles

Today is a "No Ride" day.

We are visiting with family and will hit the trail again tomorrow.
+++San Diego+++

So proud of my girl. She is safe, skilled, and doing a fantastic job. 
 We should all be so courageous.


I have a confession to make. The weather forecast for this morning was rain so last night I went to put the bikes in the garage. I guess I could say I was in my jammas and stocking feet to make it sound cooler but I wasn't.
I took her bike first and down it went! I dumped her ride on a flat, dry, concrete driveway with my boots on.

I win the
 "First Chump to Dump His Bike" Award.
Even worse, it wasn't even my ride.

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