Our Motorbike Travel Log.

Our Motorbike Travel Log.
BELOW SEA LEVEL - Death Valley, Ca 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 8 Let's get lost!

 Packing up in Pismo we decided to take a trip out of the way in an effort to stay off Hwy 101. Closer to LA more cars.
Here's the Route: Pismo Beach - HWY 101 south - east on SR 166 past New Cuyama - south on SR 33 through the Los Padres National Forest - Ojai west to Ventura - south 101 - to 405 to 110 - and San Pedro's most secret location we like to call "The Happiest Place on Earth".
 We got to go over these mountains 2 times today, once east bound on 166 then again south bound on 33.
New Guyama - Snack, potty, gas ($5+ pr gal!)

 Another amazing location and fun road to travel. Road surface was great and south of the summit was new road. Rivers, tunnels, rock formations. Some road on the south side looks like those roads they use to make car commercials
 Lots of snow here and temps in the mid 80's
 Stopped in Ventura for a subway. Temps here were in the 90's. Took a nice drive down to the beach and the surf was nice. Lots of guys in the water.
 Into LA on 405 through Encino we had to stop and thin out the clothes. We stopped roadside to shed a layer and it was 100 on my bike meter. A few miles after we started again it was 104. We decided to stop until the temps cooled off and sat in a Panda Express for a few hours.
 So we start off again headed for Longbeach sitting about 2 miles from the final at LAX. We are pointed at the airport, you ccan see the plans landing right in front of us. As we're getting ready to take a left to get back on the highway marked "west LAX" this guy in an SUV tries to kill me. He came from behind and pulled in front of me cutting me off to get in the lane to LAX. The same on ramp we are about to take that goes past/to the airport. I yell at him "cause I'm LA" then he turns around and I expect to get some "Shout Back". Can you believe he ask's me if this is the on ramp to the airport? I said,while pointing behind me, "no man the airport's that way". He say thanks, made a U-Turn and went the other way. I wonder how far he went before he figured it out?
Rich moments you don't get to enjoy every day.
Safe arrival 10 minutes before sunset.
 Long day and we've passed the 800 mile mark on the bikes.

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