Our Motorbike Travel Log.

Our Motorbike Travel Log.
BELOW SEA LEVEL - Death Valley, Ca 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 15, Maybe Reservations on the weekend would have been a good idea?

 Leaving Las Vegas. Wind was still an issue this morning. I'd estimate 15-20 kts. weather was nice and still cold. We started climbing first thing and had on full winter gear before we left town. The drive was beautiful as we headed west on Hwy 160. Stopped for gas and some eats in Pahrump, NV. Nice little town and a ton of nice people here. You drive for so many miles between towns you don't expect to see much life when you stop, this place was alive.

Leaving Pahrump (named for the Christmas song with the little drummer boy) we headed south west to enter Death Valley from the south. This would give us a good look around and we'de be able to ride the full length of it from here. We aslo chose this route to do a ride called "Artist Road". This single lane ride looks like the area from star wars where Luke grew up. video only on this drive, sorry.

Got a kick out of the names i.e. Furnace Creek, Devil's golf course, Stove pipe Wells, Devil's corn field, Bad Water...
 Quick stop to add clothes.

 Just like in the movies.
 Yeah!!! we made it!

 Out here in the middle of nowhere, flowers.

 This little guy was looking for a meal along the road. Never did see the Road runner.
 Wind was still an issue most of the day.
 There it is! 71 degrees.
 I walk like my brother.

 Bad Water
 Out of nowhere on the side of the hill...Furnace Creek Resort.
$340 per night. Super Super nice!

 Near Sunset we excpected to set up camp in Furnace creek...no. A room? No. Turns out we had to do another 45 miles an get a room in Beatty, NV for the night. Really great drive and it goes to show - you never know why things happen the way they do sometimes...until tomorrow.

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