Our Motorbike Travel Log.

Our Motorbike Travel Log.
BELOW SEA LEVEL - Death Valley, Ca 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 17 - Ridgecrest, Ca to Lake Isabella, Ca

Today we hit a brick wall. We both felt the 2 long days on the bike out of Vegas and we didn't drink enough in Death Valley. I think the cooler weather fooled us and we didn't hydrate like we should have. We woke up late and decided to cancel a visit with friends in Bakersfield and didn't really know if we would ride and if we did how far we might make it before stopping again for the night.

Our route today will be Ridgecrest - HWY 178 to Lake Isabella. The ride is only about an hour and weather is nice and cool. No snow expected and the wind was not an issue today.  

The climb out of town west toward the lake looks like one of those old Cowboy flix. 

 It was strange to come up on a grove of Joshua Trees. They were only on about a 10 mile patch of the road and I've never seen them so thick and close together. 
 Never far from those guns. 
Brings a tear to my eye, wish I'da brought one. 

 The camera just can't get the true beauty of this place so I thought I'd add this Beauty to the shot.

 It's about 500ft to the valley floor. 
 2nd crash! I got this one on film also. This was a Ranger station at Lake Isabella and we had just stopped in for some camp info. 3rd time this Pannier has been smashed on this trip. 
Happy Trails - you make quality stuff!
No bike damage or injuries.
 Found a camp with showers at Tillie Creek. Truly one of the best camp nights of my life. I know I've said that a few times on this blog but I really mean it. 
$20 a night and the guy just pointed and told us to pick the spot. We think #37 is the best spot in the place. Creek side, flat and off the road. 
Showers are free. 

 These stickers are having a tuff time hanging on. Every time she puts a new one on she crashes and rips some off. These things keep the bike from hitting the ground during most crashes. 
Out little metal warrior.

 That's what momma needed.
 Remember to tuck the thumb
 How often does a 6ft+ guy find a picnic table he can swing his feet from?

 Dinners served. 
 No I'm eating something with meat.

 Does it get any better. We were one of only a half dozen campers her this night.
Next weekend the lake is attacked by thousand of fisherman and their trailers for a huge fishing tourney. 
 Pannier to sit on and goggles to block the smoke.
 Aaahhh yes....
 For the record, that was Wendy's idea. Works great.
 I paid for this wood and I'm gonna take it with me!

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